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Yes this is the past of the Demo
in the books i write this story will be a part of that.
When he was 12 something was beginning to start.
something dark was beginning. Boy Greed The Hedgehog age 12
was still afraid of the darkness. But some say he fell into a dream and then it started. When he turned age 20 But that's not how it's supposed to happen some say that was Granted wishers of the twine world. No one's ever seen a Wishers. A wishers is a sealer of mini punishments. Some say Greed The Hedgehog age 19 was turned into a Green Bunny Bye EGGMAN. Eggman Trapped him on flame carrier Eggman has dropped a potion Boy Greed The Hedgehog. And turned it into a Green bunny. when he was asleep and he knew who did that to him. EGGMAN he was so close to ruling the world but failed in a black hole. But he did turn him back into a hedgehog. With the help of sonic. But Boy Greed The Hedgehog he got the punishment of the wishers. 1 year eternity Sleep. Eggman as blamed it on Boy Greed The Hedgehog and placed all the tools without nobody on him. knowing Eggman gotta wait for the plot. The wishers are very powerful and eggman got away from them he did.


    The Chaos Emperor in You Baby Greed The Hedgehog

    this is where  A second Copy of the game idea will be stored if I Find a Storage Archives Zone 

    if not oh well i find another way.

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    i know you're trying to put me down. The rink doesn't meatter to me all what matters to me is my character. Baby Greed The Hedgehog that i own and he's the best no one can take them for me. my heart is pumping because he's an awesome character.This character doesn't match any other character is completely new character and i got witness on him. i know SEGA listening. here's something for you sega na na na is completely brand new character and not copied ha ha anyway it doesn't bother me i don't care you just putting yourself down of jealousy or not. now people i'm going to sleep in the stars with my character-_-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    what some good music here.

    You can't turn it off. It my Website ha ha. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    and real drawings are in my folder. And Greed The Hedgehog. Night -_-zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz> http://segaforums.wikia.com/wiki/User:Jorgebunny.zare

    Music-_-zzzzzzzz The awesome character locked in my hand. The Real Ones is in the middle. Good Night


    My Anniversary was before shadow. But i call it. behind him.

    Because. He came first.

    Before my character was going to be the next so.

    My character Baby Greed The Hedgehog was behind shadow but still the 17th Anniversary.

    -_- Man I need to stop hiding the truth and say it.  So i did.

    It is has been 17 years since i drew him  the first time when  i was just a kid. 

    Time really flies. My special drawing. Greed The Hedgehog.

    ^_^ I'm so proud of you how much you improve Baby Greed The Hedgehog.

    I Brought You to life as an Animation character.

    I Made you more sharper. 

    I tried to almost cross over to being a Developer of Making You in a game.

    I tried to make you in a 3d character but manage to fail but still tried.

    So i still remain as a Inventor.  ^_^ But this coming year they will be a developer sooner or later.

    My thing is to fix your head in 3d. If i can do that i'm a developer of Character Baby Greed The Hedgehog in 3D. Happy Holidays Once again.:-)!?\whoops i think i got the time zone wrong. I hope i got it right well. Bye.

     11:59:49PM it Time The Baby Greed The Hedgehog 18th Anniversary

    i 18th  Birthday at 11 Seconds.



    Anniversary Talk now

    Throughout My Entire Years And I was just a kid everything 

    Made Me So Much Happier When I First Draw Him.

     It was just 30 Minutes Before Christmas

    I was simply want ed to draw a hedgehog because i wanted hedgehog to fit right beside sonic.

    But you know a kid can't get that kind of wish. When you're young.

    My Vision of targeting was trying to draew new sonic but i didn't know how to draw and that'ss when somethhing came to my head to draw something of my own. 

    with 12 pages did i didn't know how to draw a new hedgehog. 

    but the last pasge that's when it came to my head i vision him and created a  Light Green Hedgehog.

     I will speak more tomorrw

    New Zone Restoring Project http://sonic-and-baby-greed-zone-of-time-3-of-projects.wikia.com/wiki/Special:WikiActivity

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