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Baby Commander Shorts Book


Baby Commander Shorts


it's not in color. Because i have to go through deep session of coloring on him
there is no matching color this means a deep session  of a baby's body color. 
so enjoy my black and white drawing. who is this baby.

Baby Commander Shorts
like it is planets called the pink planet.
a planet of straight giving the baby strength to walk and talk early a way early age.
This planet is not far from the holy Temple
He was born 20 years ago when Baby Greed
Wasn't born in 20 years ago. He was also
Yes the First To Be Born
And Transfer to satirist.
To hear from the Queen I will have a child that i want you to watch over.
The Queen Told him about the future that Amy told her.
So he took his ship that he built. and went through time and waited for him in space.
But the ship was giant size. He was not alone he had a giant crew and children sleeping on the ship.
not only that  he carried the prince with him. and would you know the prince   is a baby that talks and walk.
why is the prince one the ship is because the max has attacked.

the max is attack and captured his mother and father not too far from his entry to it another time.
he found them and save the baby and went through time  as they followed him.  He camouflage himself through space and they lost them so the mex making their new army  in new time the space.
little that he know the soldier now has to follow the prince baby orders. The baby orders is to save his mom and father. And. Baby Greed And failure of his future must be saved.
so this is how it began for him. He is outside of planet earth camouflaged. Done

He took his school to become a Galaxy Soldier.
When he Turned 21 he signed up

He's the one who gives out the misions hard and easy including boss missions.

how many missions hundred he will keep you busy for days. 

The crew needs help on missions in come across quest as well.
 yes  The Queen wasn't sure that old Amy  was talling truth about her future. It was too early anyway.
Commander shores reason with the queen. To lead  the planet and come with me i can get you safely away from zare. But the queen resisted. This could be a chance to leave this world with your baby being born. But the Queen continue
 to Resisted i will not leave all those baby  behind being eaten by that monster. Your star ship can't hold billione of babys and people. To be carried on your starship.  The queen told commander shorts i'm about to recevive the holy temple of a ritual to my baby. -_- And not only that i have something to tell. You once the baby receive the holy temples and gifted powers. He will become something of Light The Holy Light Has the power to cross over to a power of an angel.
But he will never know how to wield that power and awaken its Light Energy Power
But he'll always know that he has Silver Wings they're mostly supposed to cross over to the light skys.
So commander shorts  took her word not too long before she had the baby But the baby was also going to get even more stronger. By a machine of mega life.  A machine supposed to increase his body everything on him.
And The Machine supposed to crossing him over to  a Mega Life Form. The baby's name is cuddles that's his real name they called him. A when he went to the new planet they called him a new name Greed. 
and when he was turned into a hedgehog. His name is now Baby Greed The Hedgehog. Done

I can't wait  to find the color for him. 
So i upload him because he has a part of the crew he is. Commander Shorts he supposed to grow up as him.
He's the one who's standing up to Zare 
He fought the monster in the war. But got beat up a lot. and lost a lot of man. but still standing strong.
He is a Army Soldier lieutenant of the galaxy space ship of USA
He will be a part of every mission that sonic comes across him. 
And he built a giant base in the Mystic Ruins in the Middle of the Jungle. 
There is so much to know about this lieutenant he has mostly.
the biggest hero. you can ever find on your Sonic Team one Day
USA USA The Galaxy Sniper Of The Galaxy Star Ship Baby Commader Shorts. P.S USA 

Commander Shorts Now Exist.

in his time he had so much.
Adventures as a baby like right now how is age look. 
He can walk and talk like other humans But it was only cuz he was on the pink planet of strength. 
They talk in perfect language. This planet is the strongest than Earth but was far away from Baby  to Talk and walk.
Some people has discovered earth but they don't have the power like this planet does.
This baby was transferred to the b 1 level low is level for Babys 
to be kept safe. 

the three nations were about to go into war and it was causing they're planet to be in a warms.

Baby Commander Shorts

was taken from his mother and father

There people have given all their 

Baby to them so they can prothect the children and try to survive the attacks.

like it says in the books. Elder kimchi was there he tried to say some of the older

children but failed to do it. 

Baby Commander Shorts

The Baby was transferred to satirist the Queen had her eyes

on this child he could be somebody someday.

the Queen demanded to put the baby on the floor. 

Out of all the other baby he was chosen.

The Queen said ' hello child

you must have been took in.

So far away from your mom and dad you must be a lucky little baby to be here'

Baby Commander Shorts said ' i'm  why is that why did you take.

me for my mom and dad i didn't do anything wrong did i.'

the king said 'o_O the baby speaks. Ahhh The baby stands and walks.!?'

The  Queen said ' -_- what. Pink. Planet. Is. That does he come from.'


The soldiers said ' I got the planets name here selfie on.

The planet of strength.'

 The  Queen said ' what is your name child.'

Baby Commander Shorts said ' shorts.  but everyone calls me Baby Commander Shorts.'

The  Queen said '  oh you must have been chosen to be a soldier.

what is your tribes name are they the healers.'

Baby Commander Shorts no were not healers. We are the outsiders

we usually help the war to get paid from them to set traps.' 

The  Queen said '  -\- and who are you helping!'

Baby Commander Shorts said ' we help to. Nations the orc  hedgehogs tripe. And The

healer tripe. 


Soldiers said ' you traitor come here.'

Baby Commander Shorts said ' ahhhh help me Waaa-;_;-!?'

Soldiers said ' I now where i'm going to put you. In jail 

And next i'm going to feed you to the wolfs.'

The  Queen said '  soldiers put him down.

 Soldiers said ' But queen. He's a traitor

we can't allow one of these traitor to walk out of here. All these baby should be put to death.'

The  Queen said ' that is true but not a Baby Killer))))))))))) put. Him. Down.!'

Soldiers said ' yes my queen.'

The  Queen said ' i got arrangements.

they like to petraeus us. Well let's betray them by sending a surprise visit and  healer tripe. Attack

I want you to send a message to the healers.  The Outsiders are not that far from ayttacking your planet.

Soldiers said 'O_O that'll bring the healer tripe in attacking the outsiders planet'?

The  Queen said ' it sound better now' 

Soldiers said ' yes my queen.'

The Queen said ' this will be the babys punishment.

take the babys to the machines. Where they become ultimate life form

they will be treated as our own children.'
Soldiers said ' yes my queen.'

Queen said ' but this baby i will take.

he will grow to be a great soldier.

he will forget him mom and dad

and he will be mines. 

I need more answers from this child. And i have a special machine for him.

Memory loss in ultimate machine that will make him. The ultimate life form soldier as well but

The eye of an eye ultimate. Long. Distance. Sniper

Take the baby to the machine. I'm taking this one.

Soldiers said ' yes my queen. come along babys 

let's get you cleaned up and fed and diaper change 

into our own allegiance.

you have a long nap coming along in a maching.!?'

Queen said ' Baby Commander Shorts 

it looks like you're hungry for something to eat. 

After that long travel here.

Baby Commander Shorts  said ' -_- yes i'm very hungry thank you.!?'

More Soon