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Sonic and Baby Greed Avengers GX: The Rise of the Chaos Fusion Game Ideas Zone

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''Sonic and Greed Avengers GX: The Rise of the Chaos Fusion''



Quick Info

Developer(s) Sonic Team, Sega Studios
Publisher(s) Sega
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Dreamcast 2
PlayStation 4
Wii U


ESRB: E </li></li>

Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer
Media Optical disk


Genres [show][hide]

Sonic and Baby Greed Avengers GX: The Rise of the Chaos Fusion'''''Sonic and Baby Greed Avengers GX: The Rise of the Chaos Fusion is an action-adventure video game developed by the Sonic Team and published by Sega. It will be released on Microsoft Windows,Dreamcast 2, and PlayStation 4 on May 10, 2015.

On the cover, it will have the Sonic Team logo on the back. It will be half blue and green. It is because they are becoming "fused".

Portable links to countries can take this game first I believe Japan would get this first

it can be port of the New Sega Dreamcast game or PC PlayStation Wii

to take the first cake of the game.

This game will have improvements of best graphics and the heroes will be even older. Sonic will be even older to the heroes will be even more improved make an sonic sharp ends tails knuckles and the rest of them sharp.

Special they will have a toy to the back of the cover or being delivered to you. Free of the new releasing of the game toys are sonic baby greed tails knuckles and Amy and silver and probably cha-cha. Limited to the releasing of order of the game for the country releasing their keychains and they can be played with. For the kids.

Ranodm Tract/ Tv Radio Station/ Game Here Edit

Detail Thank You Sonic Team/SEGA For Making Me and This. :-)

3 Best Rock Random Track

3 Best Sonic Team Rock Random track

[[1]]Funeral for a friend - rookie of the year (w lyrics)

[[2]] Breaking Benjamin Firefly

[[3]] Pre)thing - can't stop / you can't stop Heroes/ A new Power




and others are sonic. The best backgrounds Ramdom Track.Sonic can switch these tracks if don't match the background. But i think the other two or 3 will match the background. it up to you sonic team.

Sonic team can change these tracks at any time. If they don't match. ok.

This games going to be the greatest of sonic game.

The Beginning Edit

Story Mode Talks


[1]<< ha ha ha (Link) To Fix No More Problem


Game Detail

Story detail  Edit

Story Mode Edit. meant for nothing But Putting

stages in there without anything else

these are for people. who meant four stages to know without knowing Story.

Not Recommended for people who want that. Sometimes it can change tracks by the story.

Story mode  Edit

Middle City Fight

Park Fight against Egg Man Red Scorpion

Green Hill Paradise Zone 1

Green Hill Paradise Zone 2

Egg Man and Baby Gaius The Gorilla Fighter Robots

Palm Panic Paradise Stage 1

Palm Panic paradise Stage 2


(Story Mode Wrting Characters Seem to Seem to talke in all) Edit

Sonic and BabyGreed Story Mode

Night Enters The Baby Dreams Story Mode

Sonic and baby Greed EggMan Burning Sun of torture Final story mode

Final story game mode of a dream Elder Giant Orc Sonic Legend has Been born


Characters Gameplay and Controls Edit

Sonic the Hedgehog

Baby Greed the Hedgehog

Miles Tails Prower

Baby Cabela the Hedgehog Bunny

Knuckles the Treasure Hunter

Amy Rose

Cha Cha The White Rose

Queen Jessica The Egypyt Hedgehog Dolphin

Character Themes Edit

Enemies of the Street Edit

Boss Edit


Baby Gaius The Hedgehog (New Boss)

E102 Gamma The Chaos Power) (Boss Team Partner Baby Gaius)

??? ????? ????? ??? ???????? Last Boss indie

Heavy Duke or

Dr Sheila

Metal Greed The Metal Of Power ***Completed***

Nightmare Bosses Edit

(Evil Sonic Zare of Nightmare Dream

(Evil Amy Rose of Nightmare Dream

(Evil Cream The Rabbit Nightmare Dream

Enecmies of the Street and Sky Edit

Cities Edit

Arenas Edit

OSL All Tracks of the World Challenge of the dancers and the music Tap Tap Online☀ Edit




Menu Selection

Option settings

Albums trackers Pop Stars Trackers

Pictures of the artists download of fans


Prize room

Fashion Room of The OSL

Baby Fashion Room of the OSL

(GM) Room of the OSL

Staff Hitting Room Lock

Sonic Boom Dancers Training room

Download tracks

Upload your tracks

Model hits of the rhythm of the music to keep moving the groove

Model your background and styles in all things to OSL that makes your game more better as you play

Play online

Play off-line

Single match

Tag team match

Three way dancing tag

Four way tagteam match dance off

Champion match

King of the dance

10 challenges To 20 Tournament

Play the OSL Dance Online and Off-line

Play the OSL Dance Tab Tab Online and Off-line

Play the OSL Dance Catch the Beat Online and Off-line

Play the OSL Dance Drums the Online and Off-line

Play the OSL DJ remakes tap wrapper lines to wait screen

Play the OSL Catch the Beat Fruits

Play the OSL Star of the show greatest of all dancers Be The King of The Dance Baby Be your in spotlight around the world only online only♙


The OSL Tracks

The OSL All Tracks in the world


The OSL Sega Team Club Sega 2 - Beat Grooves/ Tracks ***Completed it***

The OSL Sonic Hard Rock Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sonic Old-School Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sonic Boom Old-School Tracks Unlock

The OSL DJ Sonic Free Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sonic Remix Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sonic New Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sega Old-School Track Unlock ***Complete it***

The OSL DJ Sega Free Tracks Unlock

The OSL Sega Remix Tracks Unlock

All OSL Sonic and Sega Tracks Here Unlock

Night Best Track Unlock

Hatsune Miku

Michael Jackson Zone


Rocks Steam and Unknown track

Arcade Original Tracks Around The World

All DJ OSL Here

Popstar trackers

❤ RMB ❤

Paradise Jazz

Techno Star Trackers

Blues Star Trackers

Baby Areas Edit

Baby's room

Baby Gaius Baby Room in EggMen Ice Starship

Power up And Items Edit

All Power up Item

Fusion Crystals And Chaos Emeralds

Daycare areas Edit

Kindergarten School 2-4 Years old Areas Edit

Sports areaEdit

Shopping mall area Edit

Online system area Edit

Controls Edit

Gameplay Edit